Entries for the World Cup:



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1st June 

17:0020:00arrival of the competitors and registration  in airport Pobiednik Wielki,  delivery of the models for class S7
Saturday:  7:308:45registration competitors in the contest site 
2nd June 8:0010:00delivery of the models for class S7
 9:009:15opening ceremony  
 9:159:30models registration for class S9A
 9:3012:15contest in class S9A
 12:1512:30models registration for class S6A
 12:3015:15contest in class S6A
 15:0015:30lunch time
 15:3015:45models registration for class S4A
 15:4519:00contest in class S4A
 19:0019:15time reserved for fly-off 
 19:3020:00prize giving ceremony (class S9A,S6A,S4A)
 20:30  evening meeting of participants with barbeque and drink (free)
Sunday: 8:158:30models registration for class S8E/P
3th June 8:3012:30contest in class S8E/P
 12:0014:00contest in class S7
 13:0013:45lunch time
 13:3013:45models registration for class S8D
 13:4514:45contest in class S8D

(I-30min, II- 30min, III-30min)

 15:00  prize giving ceremony (class S8E/P,S7,S8D) closing of the competition
Attention: In case of bad weather or any other case the organizer reserves the right to the change the timetable.